Emergence of a Radical Sociology of Scientific Knowledge: The Strong Programme in the Early Writings of Barry Barnes
full text:  Emergence of a Radical Sociology of Scientific Knowledge (اندازه فایل: ۵٫۸ MiB — دفعات دانلود: ۸۵۴ بار)

The early writings of Barry Barnes, as the co-founder of the Edinburgh School of sociology of scientific knowledge, are explored to bring out and to evaluate his main presuppositions and arguments. Barnes is highly critical of anthropologists’ conception of scientific knowledge, rationality, truth, and their asymmetrical explanatory approach towards different belief-systems. Likewise he rejects the prevalent View of science among sociologists of knowledge, and also their approach to explanation of knowledge or belief-adoption. His proposal is based on a Kuhnian model of science, and offers his own socio-causal explanatory scheme applicable to all beliefs and knowledge-claims. I have challenged the basis of his model of science and have tried to show that his use of Kuhn’s concepts of normal practice and paradigm is problematic, and that his idea of social causation of beliefs is highly problematic.

“new paradigms may gain support not because of any demonstrable superiority over the old but simply because scientists welcome the opportunity of a new try at explanation” Barry Barnes (1969)

“all belief-systems, scientific or preliterate, ‘true’ or ‘erroneous’, are most profitably compared and understood within a single framework” Barry Barnes (1973)

منتشر شده در: Dialectica, Volume 47 Issue 1, Pages 3 – 25

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